Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Positivity in 2010!

I believe that is the theme this year! woo-hoo! I have read somewhere or someone as told me that you have to put out in the universe what you want to come back to you! Like a boomerang, I guess! So, being the internet is like a big black hole of infinity (once it's on here, you'll never get it back) I will like to start putting out positive vibes for my life. Anyone is welcomed to join me in the effort!!!!

Please list anything you would want to come into your life and keep us posted if it happens and when it happens. I'm starting with wanting love to come into my life. Unconditional love by the one I love! Mark your calendars and keep checking back to see if I've achieved my first goal this year!

Good Luck and happy loving!

1 comment:

  1. Peace and tranquility of mind.

    This will mean I have to let things go, no matter how much they aggravate me. I'm working on it, it'll be a long path, but in the end, I'll be more at peace.