Monday, January 4, 2010

Life as I know it......

I know I've heard the saying if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it all...well, I'll type it instead, how about that???

It is amazing to me how little people do and get credit for doing everything! I'm feeling very underappreciated lately, at work, home in sucks it sucks it sucks!!!

I would just like an answer to a question to help me along in my workday but it seems impossible. GRRR! I would just like to meet a man that I can count on but it seems impossible. I would like my offerings be taken responsibly but that seems impossible. I would like my mother to stop being a hypocrit and see me but that seems impossible. With life full of possibilities, I wonder how I got the shit end of the stick. I mean seriously, did I kill Jesus in my past life or something??

Everything seemed to come crashing down on me this past Christmas season and it's amazed I've escaped as unscathed as I did....I do however have a huge bruise on my knee and can't quite remember where it came from??...but I digress...I should thank my wonderful friend (yes only one) Elizabeth who supports me in my crazy frames of mind I go in and doesn't judge or try to fix it. She listens! I luffs her! I can say that was the only positive this past holiday vacation..

Ok, let's see if I can switch the mood to a more chipper and fun sentiment.........Had a great New Year's Eve party with a few friends and played fun...drank alot....had blasts from the past call me....quite interesting....and that is about it for the positiveness...haha!

So, I'll send these words out in the black abyss called the internet and hopefully it will be sent out in the universe to please please please let 2010 be a slightly better year than 2009....last year was pretty bad for me only a slight uprise would be greatly greatly appreciated! As for anyone who reads my dread above, I apologize and hope it makes you feel you are lucky in your life no matter what...I'm hoping to get to that point soon.

I have also made a committment to blog more often and usually with more funny, positive stories! LOL! Until then, I'll sign off and say TTYL!

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    Anyway. I luffs you too Hippo Lover! :) Looking forward to a much better 2KTen! ;)