Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 - A Year in Review

Ok. So 2009 pretty much began suckily, I was getting over my grandmother's death...not sure I'm over that yet. But it's getting better every day.

I didn't finish my MA thesis (that will be done soon though, it WILL BE DONE SOON.)

I did become officially engaged (Don't ask about a wedding date, I don't know when, I don't care when, I don't plan on planning anything, when we do it we'll do it and ya'll be invited to a party to celebrate later ok? that's the way I want it.)

My daughter is finishing high school this year, and that makes me feel old.

All in all, there were too many deaths in 2009, there was too much sadness in 2009, and I'm planning on having a lot less of that crap in 2010. (Ok, Ok, I know I can't control deaths, but I can kinda control sadness.)

There will be more fun, there will be more happiness and there will be more ELECTRIC BOOBS damn it.

There will also be more art fairs...eek! Applications for those will be starting very soon...

I am very blessed to have good friends, and my family, and I am grateful for all of them.

Look for more fun and more insanity to be coming this way soon...and there will be at least one more blogger added in the very near future. We all need to have more moments of insanity don't we? ;)

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  1. I still think we need a recorder to help us along in our blogging duties! hahaha! I said duty! hehehehehehe!