Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Swimming with Sharks

So yesterday I did it.

Yesterday I threw my line out in the water and applied for a position in the shark infested waters.

I have previously swam in the shark infested waters. However, the last time I was there, I was maimed. HORRIBLY MAIMED I TELL YOU!

But, I'm older now.

I'm wiser now.

And I think I'm ready to try it again.

Ya see, swimming with the sharks can be fun. Not only can it be fun but it can be rewarding. It can also be challenging and all of those things are good right?

So why am I so fucking nervous about this?

I've been talking to myself about this every chance I get. I've been checking and double checking and even triple checking with myself to see if this is what I want.

There is a part of me that really does want this. It'll be a welcome challenge with rewards I could use.

BUT there is another part of me that is still cautious. Remember, previously maimed???? blah.

Anyway. Nothing I can do now but sit and wait and see if I get hauled in for an interview. Then I get to wade with the sharks I guess.

It'll be when they make the job offer (if they make the job offer) that's when I'd better make sure I have my damned gear in tip top order.

I hope it goes well.

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