Friday, March 12, 2010

I often wonder....

I often wonder what I did in a past life to make this life so dang complicated?? Serial Killer?? That would be awesome, quite frankly! LOL! Though, someone told me that maybe all of my past lives have been quite pleasant and this life is the life to be full of difficulty and problems. I'm not sure how I feel on this situation.....

I often wonder...where people are going when I see them driving on the freeway and wonder if they are wondering the same thing about me!

I often wonder...if people really do abide by their moral compass?!

I often wonder..... how it would be to live in another culture? Would I not like the idea as much as I do now?

I often wonder....if people think me and elizabeth are "girlfriends"! (hehehehe)

I often wonder.... how other people look like when they're having sex. (c'mon I know you do too)

I often wonder... if people talk behind my back. :(

I often wonder... what it would be like to be someone else....

Anyway, just a few things I think about thought I'd see if anyone else feels or thinks the same as me or if I am really kinds a weirdo! LOL!

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  1. I wonder wonder wonder wonder who...who wrote the book of love! ;)


    I ask why too much.

    All the time.

    Every day.