Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Review - Bowling, Music and Stan ;)

Friday -

Stan pretty much kept himself out of my head.

Bowling happened.

No one was injured for not playing a damned bowling alley. I don't know what makes someone that isn't a cranky old man act like a cranky old man. Maybe it's the fact he thinks he has power...could it be? Becky might want to chime in with her opinion on this.

Music happened...oh the music it happened. Stan creeped into my head for a bit. But drugs and a quick kamikaze took care of that.

(side note Stan = Satan (stolen from the blog of Ms. Doxie, a typo...she meant to type satan and typed Stan and well Stan is pretty fucking close to Satan and therefore all Stans are only a vowel away from ultimate evil.) Stan also = my fucking headaches from hell that best be relieved soon or someone will have their head on a pike and it may be me.)

Anyway back to the music. Becky and I got to rock out to SBU, Robots in the Garden, and Shram Band. :) woohoo! But of course SBU being the death metally band they are, the Bizzle was ready for sleepy ni ni. ;) We pondered the possibility if the lead singer was possibly Stan...I don't think so...I think he was a decepticon (though he might not be typical, I dunno)

Saturday -

Was not in the Park and I don't think it was the fourth of July. We had Sunday morning movie a day early! Woohoo! Nekkid Gerard Butler...or should I say Buttler. hehe *sigh* Anywho, death, dismemberment, crazy weaponry, awesome movie! I give Law Abiding Citizen 2 thumbs up!

Saturday night, we headed out to Solero to see the Motor City Acoustic Trio...was fun fun fun, I had yarn in my hair.
I do have to say, waitstaff sucked. I will leave the elaboration on this point to Becky. I'm sure she has a much more heartfelt opinion on that portion of the evening.


rounded out the weekend with more bowling. :) Fundraiser, where I won hairstuffs that I desperately needed (See above where I put yarn in my hair because I am so desperate for hairstuffs and my hair looks so bad I am left to add craft supplies to make myself look presentable or something...woe is me.)

So back to Monday, and also now at the beginning of this Moments of Insanity Blogging Project.



  1. Stan is a total cock gobbling whore from the lowest regions of hell.