Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend follow up from elizabeth....

Whoa! You totally forgot about Thursday....ya know that kinda starts our weekend off with NTT. (Name that Tune) A totally awesome game anyone who can ever play should play! So, we finally lost our 1st place title this past Thurs....BOOOO BOOOO!! But I guess all good things must come to an end!!! Good times, let's move on to the not so good times....

Friday night: bowling. yes, we did actually get music for about 1 1/2...then it was taken away from us again...I totally believe it's the power. Misery loves company...he must get hard with the "power" he thinks he, don't forget your little radio thingy! Then off to Rack n Roll, SBU=seepy ni nite for me...(IDK why)...liked Robots in the Garden...kinda blurry for Shram Band..(could be the meds)...but all in all good night.

Saturday: skipped karaoke for Motor City Acoustic Trio; which was fine, but the waitstaff, well, just one waitress in particular from Solero almost got thrown through the window...reason being: 10:30pm ish she comes to our table and asks me if she can cash us out?? WTF??? Um, no, I'm there for about another 2-3 hours I don't want to cash out! BITCH!! But then nice shiney blonde waited on us and she was great!
p.s. yes, Law Abiding Citizen=2 thumbs up!!!

Sunday: bowling yet again, ooops forgot to mention we bowled on Thurs too! but all the extra movement should help me w/my losing weight efforts! minus the beer, hahahaha!

Future: Tues at midnight going to see "This is it"-the MJ movie! I'm totally excited! I love him! that's all I kn0w for the moment...

I would like to close this blog by thanking Elizabeth for creating it! I think we will be blogging on this for years to let's get some followers!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXOXO (and no, I didn't send this via text to your husband)!

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  1. Oh yeah I fergot about Thursday. Blame da drugs messin' with my brain kemikelz.

    and woohoo Tuesday night this week...should be fun! :)


    xoxoxoxox to you too.