Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who wouldn't want Electric Boobs?

After rewriting Bennie and the Jets...we had a brainstorming session about the advantages of electric boobs. Here are just a few fun features that electric boobs could possibly bring.

1. In the winter, it's cold out...just a touch of a button instant warmth.

2. In the summer, it's hot out...same as above...touch of a button instant cool.

3. Too dark? No problem flick of a switch and really turn on the headlights!!

4. Inappropriate groping, the special taser feature!

5. Need a guy's attention at the bar. Tit-Traction beam!

6. Dress, bra, shirt, whatever doesn't fit right, auto adjust mechanism!

Come on people, electric boobs would be the shiznit! Feel free to add your own ideas!!!

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